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HCQ study #102 of 264
7/28 Late treatment study
BaŞaran et al., Turk. J. Med. Sci., doi:10.3906/sag-2006-173 (Peer Reviewed)
Outcome of Non-Critical COVID-19 Patients with Early Hospitalization and Early Antiviral Treatment Outside the ICU
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Observational study of 174 hospitalized patients in Turkey, median age 45.4, 23 treated with HCQ, 113 with HCQ+AZ, and 32 with regimens including favipiravir. 75% reduction in the median time to clinical improvement for HCQ+AZ vs. FAV, RR 0.25, p<0.001. 83% reduction for HCQ. However, there was significant confounding by indication.
There were no significant adverse events.

BaŞaran et al., 7/28/2020, prospective, Turkey, West Asia, peer-reviewed, 18 authors.
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