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HCQ study #243 of 264
1/24 Early treatment study
Zelenko, Z., Preprint (Preprint)
Nebulized Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 Treatment: 80x Improvement in Breathing
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Report on the use of nebulized HCQ showing much more rapid improvement compared to tablets, with 95% of patients experiencing improved breathing within 1 hour. Author notes that the effectiveness of HCQ is time and dose dependent, with a primary issue being the time it takes for a therapeutic dosage to reach the lungs, and that treatment with tablets may take an average of 80 hours to achieve significant clinical improvement.
Author notes that it may take 3-7 days to achieve optimal alveolar concentrations with tablets, whereas nebulized HCQ administered as microdroplets directly to the lungs achieves optimal alveolar concentration in approximately one hour and is associated with faster clinical improvement, reduction in pulmonary complications, and a reduction in medical costs.

Zelenko et al., 1/24/2021, preprint, 1 author.
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